We aspire to offer leading research partnerships that facilitates agricultural solutions dedicated to the study of urban organic farming methods and processes.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

This initiative is a wellness program directed at the overall well being of our employees and the sustainability of our environment through the use of organic and eco-friendly alternatives in our daily lives. We communicate our commitment to this initiative through the following:

Supporting healthy lifestyle choices emphasizing whole foods and exercises.

Promoting the use of organic foods and products in preventing life altering diseases.

Monthly fitness/exercise routines amongst staff.

Use of recycled materials whenever possible.

Distribution of lifestyle/organic holiday gifts to friends and clients of Nexus.

Urban Organic Farming

Our 35 Hectare farm situated in Lagos is the heart of the Nexus Green national program.

The farm is the central point from which our Green initiatives covering education, job creation, food security, and agriculture value chain efficiency are directed.

The farm acts as a model farm, utilizing organic and environmentally-sound approaches and educating farmers and the local community accordingly.

Research & Development Center

A sustainable green lifestyle supported by continuous research and development.